SAMSPELET matches the skills of foreigners with business needs


In order for more foreign-born people with international merits to get work in Sweden which corresponding to their skills, MINE runs the the ESF project Samspelet from the 1st of September 2015. The project is based on a working model that will work for a more inclusive working life.

Samspelet is a development project funded by the ESF in program area 2, which aims to create a more open labor market for foreign-born job seekers. The purpose of the project is to make companies and organizations realize the importance of a norm-critical diversity working place where we all have to take responsibility, increase social inclusion and convey the insight that the work of diversity is a continuous and strategic development work that we can never prioritize away.

Using Samspelet to educate key people and senior executives in understanding their own workplace and visualizing and questioning what standards there are, ie who are excluded – and why, the project partners should become aware of their own workplace culture in order to be able to increase understanding of diversity. Strategies in how collaborators can work on long-term concrete diversity development will also be included, and work will then continue actively at the respective workplace.

Along with the education efforts that will affect competence-based recruitment, the project’s work model is based on a trainee activity for foreign-born job seekers. By creating physical meetings between employers and project participants, the skills and experience of foreign-born in Sweden can be utilized. From customized matchings,  the skills meet the needs and waste of intellectual human capital is reduced.

There is a reason why the project is based on two parallel approaches; It is not possible to work with companies and organizations alone to achieve an inclusive and more diverse working life. Nor can we influence organizational cultures only by providing a way into the market for the target group. The work model is thus a combination of two approaches that MINE from experience considers necessary to combine. For more information, see our information folder here.

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