Mutual learning through mentoring

MINE has many years of experience in running Mentorsprogram which targets both newly arrived graduates (trainees) and to persons who is established in the Swedish labor market (mentors). The matching is done after careful mapping of both mentors and adepts to ensure that mentoring will turn to fruitful for both parties.

As far as possible, we match mentors and adepts after the educational and professional backgrounds. The aim is to partly support the adepts in their way to the establishment of the Swedish labor market, and partly to develop skills for the mentor in terms of what diversity refers to  and partly to provide a better understanding of what it means to be new in Sweden.

Mentorsprogram in your workplace

If your organization is working in a concrete way for increased diversity in the workplace is an internal part of  Mentorsprogram, a distinguished way to get started. Through its long experience, MINE has developed a method for running and implementing Mentorsprogram. We also have a large network of potential adepts among newly arrived academics who want to enter the Swedish labor market.

MINE can help your organization by starting and implementing a mentor program where a number of employees are trained in mentorship and matched with an adept. The support and following-up from MINE is certainly through the entire process. We, as alyways, adapt the layout to your organization’s wishes.

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