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Diversity = Business Benefit

How do we create a multicultural working environment? Is it just about involving people with different colours of skin who speak different languages, or we need to do more than that? And why should we embrace a multicultural working environment? Is it to show that we love the whole world, or is it because diversity assists improving business development?

Enhancing diversity in the workplace will contribute to growth for the organizations both in a long and short term. The lecture highlights important elements of a diverse workplace to consider and demonstrate the benefits of a more multicultural working environment.

A wide range of different opportunities

Putting the right people in the right position is an established concept and many believe it is the most cost-effective approach to organization’s success. But what does it actually look like? What happens if we are unable to recognize other’s unique talents? And when we attempt to create a strong team spirit within our organization – what is left and who is excluded in the process?

The lecture focuses on getting an overview of our own practice with inclusiveness and how we can learn from what we find. How can we create better opportunities to implement inclusiveness in the working environment?

“Take the temperature” of your working place

How does it look like in your working place? What can you and your colleagues work with to visualize the norms within your own work? For example, to perceive dialect as a sign of language competence?

We work together and move forward through how you can take full advantage of your own diversity that you have involved.  The goal is that your business should reflect the society in which we live, and furthermore to benefit that the multicultural work environment offers.

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