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About us

MINE is a non-profit member organisation aiming to increase diversity in the workplace. Greater diversity leads to both economic growth and business development. That is something that many companies are aware of. How to develop an integrated organisation, however, is not always easy. And that is why MINE assists businesses in this work.

Mentoring programs, courses and lectures are some of the services that we offer. Some events are open to the public, whilst others are organised exclusively for our members. We offer our members continuous counselling, motivational speaking and networking events. Amongst MINE’s members, organisations such as IKEA, SEB and Malmö city are represented.

MINE was founded in 2003 by representatives of the private sector in collaboration with Malmö city, Malmö University and the football club Malmö FF. The founders’ vision was for employers to take advantage of the opportunities of the multicultural society. Greater ethnic diversity in businesses was viewed as benefitting to everyone, companies as well as government organisations in the region.

Presently, thirteen years later, MINE continues to work towards an integrated economy where diversity is associated with growth. We focus on attitude changing and influencing of public opinion, as well as on practical, hands-on work to increase diversity.

If you wish to know more about our work, please contact us on info@mine.se

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