Diversity should be associated with development!

MINE is South Sweden’s largest network of diversity-smart companies and public organizations that promote increased diversity and inclusion in working life. We work with intersectionality and norm-critical perspective, where diversity is linked to organizational development and new possibilities for business.

MINE stands for Mentorship, Inspiration, Networking and Education, and these are the four pillars our organization relies on.

MINE was founded in 2003 by representatives from the Skåne industry community in collaboration with Malmö Stad, Malmö högskola and Malmö FF. The initial aim was to bridge the gap between the need for employers and the competence of employees with the international background. Employers in Malmö could utilise the opportunities of a multicultural society. Greater ethnic diversity in business would benefit both companies and public actors in the region.

Now, after fifteen years, we continue to work and promote an inclusive working environment where diversity is associated with growth. MINE works with a change in attitude, opinion forming, as well as practical and concrete change management to increase diversity.

Mentorship programs, training, courses and lectures are some of the services we offer.

For MINE members we are available with continuous advice, inspirational lectures and networking meetings.


Magdalena Nour / CEO

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Email:  magdalena.nour@mine.se

Tel: 0728-76 61 66

Kate Plaskonis / Chief of Marketing 

Kate Plaskonis

Email:  kate.plaskonis@mine.se

Phones: 0709-63 18 70

Ivar Nilsson / Project Leader

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Email:  ivar.nilsson@mine.se

Phones: 0708-86 50 17




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