Norm-critical service meeting

During the period 1 September to 28 February 2014, MINE, together with Lund University and Thebigplan, conducted a preliminary study called AB Norm, which was funded by Sweden’s innovation agency. AB Norm aimed at developing a prototype for norm critical laboratory. The laboratory was developed to identify norms in product and service development, question them and propose concrete changes to create innovative solutions.

Together with Ikea, Ikano Bank and Malmö City Service Management, fictional product launches of norm-critical products were developed under the heading ”AB NORM”. The preliminary study was developed in a work model focusing on developing norm-critical service meetings within different types of organizations and companies. These may include direct customer meetings, banking services through the internet or viewing rooms in a store. Developing norm critical service meetings benefits companies / organizations both economically and socially.

Now after the completion of the preliminary study, AB Norm plans to continue developing a model of both scientific, practical, social and economic relevance, thereby contributing to the change of service landscape, where the goal is to benefit creative components such as being able to see customers in a new way, to understand complexity, to see several possible solutions, to think broadly and independently, and to put prior knowledge against new thinking. Furthermore, AB NORM aims to publicize the norm-critical problems and not only show solutions, but also processes that lead to them.

If you would like more information about AB Norm, contact us at info@mine.se

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